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National Chung Hsing University

Bachelor of Computer Science, Expected Jun. 2022; Transfer Student

Sep. 2019 - Current

Taichung, TW

  • Major GPA: 3.21/4.0
  • Winning 2nd place among 10+ teams on the final contest of Information Retrieval on implementing an Open-domain Question Answering bot
  • Graded 1st place among 10+ teams on final project of predicting hotel booking demand using various regression and classifying analysis
  • Achieved overall 3rd place out of 90 on 8 coding assignments of Algorithm
  • Graded 100% perfect for optional assignment of implementing a simple FTP server from scratch with C in the course of File Processing
  • Nominated for foreign exchange student to ECE Paris in Spring 2022 Semester

Yuan-Ze University

Completed Freshman & Sophomore Year Coursework

Sep. 2017 - Jan. 2019

Taoyuan, TW

  • Major GPA: 3.44/4.0
  • Rank top 2% among other 2000+ competitors at winter round of Collegiate Programming Examination (CPE) in 2018
  • Achieved overall 1st place out of 40 on coding exam of Data Structure
  • Selected as representative team member of ICPC Asia Taipei Regional Contest in 2018
  • Selected as delegation of College of Informatics to visit Soochow University in 2018


Software Engineer Internship

Intel Corporation, Client Computing Group, Chrome Team

Jul. 2021 - Current

Taipei, TW

  • Debug Agile System
    • Developing and maintaining the Django Full-stack website for test report visualization
    • Improve the code maintainability by upgrading major version of Python and Django
    • Database normalization and migration from SQLite to MySQL
    • Integrate with JIRA issue tracker for automate alarm and report
    • Major UI redesign and rewrite, which receive over 85% of user satisfaction rate
    • Componentlize the core module for system extensibility to different department
  • Machine Learning Engineering for Canary Project
    • Deploy the time series classification system as RESTful API with FastAPI

Research Assistant

Natural Language Processing Lab, NCHU (Previously Ubiquitous Data & Intelligent Computing Lab)

Jul. 2020 - Current

Taichung, TW

  • Conducting my independent research: Complex Question Generation Based on BART
  • Designing and maintaining a secure, scalable ML experiment runtime environment across 15+ on premise server
  • Minimize lab website size and boost loading performance over 90% by optimizing webpack config and improve deployment
  • Leading a team on developing and engineering the Question Generation Platform, Querator AI

Leadership, Student Group

  • As Event General Coordinator of Pop Music Club, leading a team of 5 conducting a joint public presentation with 3 other clubs, attract estimated over 1000+ of audience (2016)
  • As both Chief Director of event planning and full-stack engineer, conducting the annual College of Informatics Orientation Camp with over 300+ attendances (2018)
  • Equipment section, and executive consultant of Drama Club (2020)

Languages, Certificates, Awards, Bug Reports

Programming languages, skill, and stacks

  • Main focus: Python (Expert)
    • Web Scraping: Requests, BeautifulSoup, Scrapy
    • Backend Programming: Flask, Django, FastAPI
    • Machine Learning: PyTorch, PyTorch Lightning
    • Natural Language Processing: HuggingFace Transformers
  • Proficient level
    • Data structure, Algorithm: C, C++, Java
    • Frontend Programming: ES6 JavaScript, jQuery, React
    • Automation, Scripting: Shell/Bash
    • Unix system operation: Ubuntu, Debian
  • Novice level
    • Frontend Programming: Vue
    • Backend Programming: PHP (Laravel), Go
    • iOS App: Swift


  • Development: Git, Git Flow, CI, Agile Development
  • Cloud Computing Platform: Google Cloud, AWS
  • PaaS: Heroku, Vercel, Netlify
  • Web Server: Apache, Nginx
  • Database & Memcache: MySQL, Postgres, MongoDB, Redis, RabbitMQ
  • Distributed Computing: Hadoop, Spark
  • Virtualization: Docker


  • Cafe Crawler: Use Python to crawl coffee chains address and export .kml for Google My Maps (2016)
  • YZU Portal SDK: Python module for accessing Yuan-Ze University Student Portal System (2017)
  • Monopoly: Monopoly game written in pure JavaScript (2017)
  • Hello Tainan: Database-less web application to query bus route with in-time arrival information (2018)
  • YZU CI Camp Website + Sen-Tree-Pay: Camp website and point system built with Laravel and hosted on Google Cloud Platform (2018)
  • Tubee: A YouTube channel subscribing tool build with Flask, PostgreSQL, Celery (2018~)
  • Coinc: Fiat and crypto currency conversion workflow for Alfred (2019)
  • StupidQA: Entry-level multiple choice QA bot with Wikipedia corpus and TF-IDF (2020)
  • Querator AI: Web client for context-answer-based Question Generation with BERT (2020~)
  • Simple FTP: Simple implementation of FTP Server-Client (2020)
  • Library Flow: Crowd visualization and trend prediction based on bluetooth signal (2021)

Hackathon, Conference, and Training Program

  • Selected trainee of NTU Sprout program on Python Programming (2017)
  • Attendee of 2018 XR Hack Fest
  • Attendee of PyCon Taiwan (2018, 2020)
  • Attendee of Mobile Open Platform Conference (2018, 2020)
  • Attendee of Students' Information Technology Conference (2020, 2021)
  • Attendee of Conference for Open Source Coders, Users and Promoters (2020)
  • Attendee of Hacks In Taiwan Conference (2020)
  • Selected trainee of Advanced Information Security Summer School (AIS3) (2020)